What participants and organizations are saying about the 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance and Julie Cohen, PCC:

“As part of the Wharton Leadership Development Series, Julie Cohen presented an interactive workshop to a group of MBA students, who have many competing demands and are often challenged in managing their time and energy. The 7 Keys program provided participants with the tools and strategies to make effective choices in addressing their personal and professional priorities, with the goal of promoting greater life and career satisfaction.”

— Lynn Krage, Senior Associate Director, Wharton Graduate Leadership Program and Special Project Director, Wharton Staff Engagement; The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“Julie’s program helped me better understand the mythology behind ‘having it all’ and the importance of making choices that work for me in how I manage my home and work life. Her practical guidance in priority-setting and understanding the trade-offs that we all make have helped me rethink my contributions at work and at home and to gain greater acceptance of the balance that I have chosen.”

— Lorie Slass, Senior Vice President, Communications

“Julie Cohen’s ‘7 Keys to Work-Life Balance’ workshop provided greater clarity for me as to how I want to live my life in a safe and energizing setting. What a gift to take a big ‘step back’ from our busy lives and ask the hard questions… ‘Am I satisfied with my life?’ and ‘What changes do I want to make?’ I left the workshop extremely energized and with practical tools to apply immediately!”

— William A. Hyman, HR Director, Fortune 100 company

“Ironically, I was hesitant to take off a day to attend Julie Cohen’s work-life balance workshop because I am so terribly busy and I have a hard time fitting everything in. Which is just the reason I did and it was well worth it! The workshop was a perfect blend of insightful, expert instruction, peer interaction and professional coaching. The process that Julie led each person through enabled me to recognize my roadblocks to my balance preferences. Since then, I have hired two new employees to support our organization and delegated a lot of tasks that are better attended to by others. At home, I am more focused on being in the moment and disconnected from the office. I frequently reference the book, as I need pointers to bring me back to my goals. And I feel confident that I am on the road to a better balance for my personal situation.”

— Jill Goldstone, Area Vice President, Gallagher Benefit Services

“Julie’s ‘7 Keys’ Workshop is an absolute must for anyone that wants to improve his or her work-life balance, and not just think about it! Julie is an engaging speaker, and walks the group through a discussion and interactive exercises about each ‘Key.’ Since the workshop I have been able to integrate the tools I learned to improve both my home and work lives, which has helped me reduce stress and enjoy my work day and my home time even more.”

— Intellectual Property Attorney, Philadelphia, PA

“I attended your workshop, and you were kind enough to give me a copy of your book. I read it on the airplane home and did the fieldwork exercises in following weeks. It turned out to be quite timely: The next month I was offered a promotion that would have made me a manager and significantly increased my work responsibilities and commitments. It was a difficult decision, but looking back over the goals and values I had developed using your exercises made the right choice crystal clear. Although the promotion would have offered me a lot in terms of financial gain, status and interesting challenges, I turned it down in order to protect other priorities in my life. Your book and the exercises made the decision much less agonizing and gave me a chance to see my values written out in clear, concrete terms. Your book has also helped me to really commit to shaping my days so that I am accomplishing the things I want. Thank you!”

— Fundraising Professional, Portland, OR

“I engaged Julie to provide an overview of the 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance for a Womens’ Leadership Initiative seminar. She was dynamic and provided a fun, interactive and insightful session. Participants found the session enjoyable, the information useful and their expectations met. We are looking forward to receiving Julie’s newsletter and buying a copy of her book. I would thoroughly recommend Julie to other groups who want to spend time discussing this important subject.”

— Naomi Clark-Turner, Centocor, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson

“Julie presented an informative and engaging lunch-hour seminar on the 7 Keys to Work Life Balance for the Elsevier Women’s Network. Over 20 members of the staff attended and enjoyed the interactive session. Feedback was excellent and I’m sure that we will continue discussing the 7 Keys in our future meetings. A very valuable session that I would highly recommend.”

— Julia Sawabini,
Elsevier, Philadelphia, PA

“I am so glad that I attended the 7 Keys Workshops. The immediate and ongoing impact of the concepts you presented has been quite remarkable in my life. I came to the first session feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and defeated. The exercises, the fieldwork and the interactions with other women in similar circumstances allowed me — forced me – to take a hard look at myself. I have some work to do but now I have some strategies and a different way to look at the puzzle that is my life.”

— C.V. Jones
, Stockton College, New Jersey

“Temple University’s Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Women would like to thank Julie Cohen for the engaging and practical interactive keynote session she presented in our fall conference, The Balancing Act: Challenges of Combining Responsibilities for Work and Family. Judging from their enthusiastic participation and rave written evaluations, the 100 attendees took to heart the thoughtful strategies Julie outlined toward crafting a more balanced life. She introduced new ways to analyze and steer our busy schedules toward fuller personal satisfaction. I can report that several of us on the committee have already made significant life changes based on her ideas.

I was therefore delighted by the recent publication of Julie’s new book, Your Work, Your Life…Your Way. It is an intelligent and active guide to making time for the things we care about, and it expanded beautifully on the themes she presented in her workshop. The book is a great tool that I will return to often.”

—Dr. Joyce Lindorff,
Associate Professor, Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University
Chair, Temple University Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Women

“Julie’s workshop on the 7 Barriers to Work-Life Balance is dynamic and educational. She has a fresh, systematic approach to work-life balance that is both innovative and practical. I was able to quickly identify which barriers play a role in pushing me off balance and came away with new ideas and techniques that I can easily “test drive.” Julie is an energetic and organized speaker who has a special talent for engaging, informing and inspiring her audience.”

— Jane Finkle, President, Association of Career Professionals, Philadelphia Chapter

“Thanks for the quality time and your first-class presentation to our professional association. I can tell from the feedback, questions and interest that your informal style and interactive presentation was very well received. It is always refreshing to hear from someone like you who has a real passion and truly enjoys what she does. Your wonderful help and support is most appreciated. I will invite you back next year.”

— David Schwartz, ChemPharma® Professional Association

“We asked Julie to join our panel of experts for our program, Tools for Balancing Your Life. Julie worked with us in the months leading up to the workshop to make sure that her content matched our needs and complemented the other offerings. Her professionalism and expertise came across loud and clear. We all agreed that Julie is an effective communicator and gave the session high marks for providing new and useful information on how to manage different aspects of our lives.”

— Kimberly Togman, VP Partnerships, Women’s MBA Network

About The Book

Here is what some of the readers of Julie Cohen’s book, Your Work, Your Life Life, Your Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance, had to say:

“Julie Cohen has provided an easily digestible manual for tackling the ever-thorny issue about managing the quality of our work and personal lives. There’s lots of rich good common sense here, framed to help anyone achieve positive benefits with a practical and tactical approach. Julie’s concept of ‘tighten up, then lighten up’ is itself worth the price of admission!”

— David Allen, best-selling author of Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity and Making it All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and the Business of Life

“Julie Cohen breaks through the unrealistic standards we all hold ourselves to, especially when it comes to the work-life balance challenge. This book is like having a personal friend and coach right in the comfort of your own home.”

— Dr. Robi Ludwig, Psychotherapist, TV Commentator and Author

Your Work, Your Life … Your Way is a must read for anyone looking to design and achieve a better work-life balance on their own terms. The book will open your eyes and give you new clarity to what is important and how to be more effective, integral and successful at both work and home.”

— Deborah Epstein Henry, Esq., founder and president, Flex-Tim Lawyers LLC and author of Law & Order: Legal Industry Solutions for Restructure, Retention, Promotion and Work-Life Balance

“Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I wish I had time to…?’ If so (and we all have!), read Your Work, Your Life…Your Way. Instead of wishing for these things, you’ll enjoy doing them — with confidence, balance, and satisfaction.”

— Deborah Epstein Henry, Esq., founder and president, Flex-Tim Lawyers LLC and author of Law & Order: Legal Industry Solutions for Restructure, Retention, Promotion and Work-Life Balance

“It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of going through the motions of what we feel we should do each day. We need a catalyst to help us break through those barriers. This great book by Julie Cohen is your catalyst. You’ll discover how to authentically design your life and work, and live each day with meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.”

— Mike Robbins, Author, Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken

“Julie Cohen’s book, Your Work, Your Life … Your Way, offers a thoughtful, inspiring and practical approach to work-life balance. Her step-by-step approach took away all feelings of overwhelm; while reading it, I thought, ‘I can do this!’ And in the process I felt like I was sitting down with Julie for a chat about life, work and the meaning of it all. Best of all, I know I’m not alone: the stories she shares show that many of us have the same concerns and are looking for similar solutions to the problem of our busy lives.”

— Karyn Greenstreet, Small Business Coach, Passion For Business, LLC

“Julie Cohen has taken the wisdom gained from more than a decade of professional coaching and written a highly readable, relatable, and practical book to determine what matters most to us as unique individuals — then applying it to our own lives. A valuable, and insightful read for all.”

— LeeAnn Dance, Blogger, Writer, and Radio Host, Back In Force: Returning to Work After Raising Kids

“Julie Cohen’s book, Your Work, Your Life … Your Way, is excellent on the approach, strategy and tactics to work-life balance. Her easy-to-master and manageable steps convince you that you can achieve this elusive work-life balance. The book taught me that we can create a more fulfilling and lower-stress life.

— Candida Seasock, CEO, CTS Partners – Strategic Advisors to Growth Companies