About 7 Keys

Employee, parent, son or daughter, spouse/partner, leader, mentor, community member — these are some of the roles that we all play. Mix the time and commitments these roles take with a desire for exercise, sleep and downtime, and it often adds up to feeling overwhelmed … too much to do, not enough time and/or energy to do it. Work-Life Balance is elusive.

What the 7 keys can do

The 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance provides a framework for your participants to examine their current situation and how it does not (and does) support their work-life balance, and provides tools, resources and concrete exercises to make personalized changes for greater satisfaction.

The 7 Keys are also sound leadership behaviors that enhance individual effectiveness, efficiency, communication skills, team development and commitment.

Participants in a 7 Keys Training Event learn tools and strategies to immediately apply to their work and life for greater personal satisfaction and professional effectiveness.

When to offer 7 keys training

Offer 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance Training when you want to:

  • Support and retain high-potential talent with a high-quality professional-development experience.
  • Improve employee engagement by providing a process to enhance individual work-life balance satisfaction.
  • Invest in future leadership talent through professional development.
  • Develop your leaders to become better employees, managers and role models, with an interactive, meaningful and relevant presentation that matters, both personally and professionally.
  • Respond to your employee-engagement-survey feedback, providing tools to help employees achieve more manageable work-life balance.
  • Support an initiative to promote health and wellness in your workforce.

What Clients Say

‘Tools And Strategies To Make Effective Choices’

“As part of the Wharton Leadership Development Series, Julie Cohen presented an interactive workshop to a group of MBA students, who have many competing demands and are often challenged in managing their time and energy. The 7 Keys program provided participants with the tools and strategies to make effective choices in addressing their personal and professional priorities, with the goal of promoting greater life and career satisfaction.”

— Lynn Krage, Senior Associate Director, Wharton Graduate Leadership Program and Special Project Director, Wharton Staff Engagement; The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania